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Use the mortgage rate calculator at for a customized mortgage or refinancing quote. The results will show you all of the available loan options including the annual APR and monthly payment for each type of home loan. LendingTree works with many different lenders, which allows them to bring you very competitive rates.

If you see a mortgage rate and terms you like, you may pre-qualify for a loan by completing a loan application (their automated system will guide you through the process). After you apply, they will let you know if you have been pre-qualified within seconds. After you're pre-qualified, their system allows you to lock in the rate you have selected. If rates go down before funding, they'll meet you half way. Some of the loan types include personal loan, home improvement loan, mortgage purchase, remortgage, and refinancing in the following terms: 5-Year Fixed, 15-Year Fixed, and 30-Year Fixed APR




Current Mortgage Rates

Mortgage and refinancing APRs are constantly changing. The diagram on the left shows the current mortgage and refinancing rates for residential homes but rates can vary based on many factors. For a FREE customized home mortgage rate quote, please click the LendingTree ad to the left. You can then choose your type of loan, including rates for remortgage and refinancing loans.

Note: These rates are before closing fees. The "Guaranteed Lender Fee" known as "SureFee" covers everything and is guaranteed not to change from the time we lock your rate to closing. Other mortgage companies charge a multitude of fees, such as an application fee; an origination fee; a discount fee; a loan set-up fee; and many more. SureFee makes comparing the cost of our loans easy and straightforward.


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How To Get The Best Mortgage Rates

First, make sure you are comparing current mortgage rates for the same type of mortgage. Mortgage rates and closing costs can change significantly from day to day, so if you're comparing offers from more than one lender, it should be done on the same day. For example, if you're shopping mortgage rates and have a quote for a 30-year fixed rate at 5.75%, only compare it to other 30-year fixed rate quotes at 5.75%.

Next, be sure to compare the total of all points and lender fees for each mortgage (from section 800 to 813 on the Good Faith Estimate), that is the price of the mortgage. The lender with the lowest total cost has the best mortgage rates.

If you're refinancing, you will also need to review the cost of title insurance, closing/attorney, and appraisal. Some large national mortgage companies have negotiated excellent rates for these services on your behalf. The company with the lowest combination of points, fees and third party costs for the same rate and product has the best mortgage rates.

Things to Watch Out For...

The APR is not always accurate so it should not be used. To get the best mortgage rates, compare current mortgage rates along with the closing costs.

Good Faith Estimates are merely estimates. Many mortgage brokers and lenders will give you a low ball estimate, and then after you have paid for your appraisal, they will inform you that the mortgage rate or closing costs have gone up. Look for lenders that guarantee their closing costs up front in writing.

There is nothing wrong with No/Zero Closing Cost Loans. Just be aware that you will be looking at higher mortgage rates in exchange or if you're refinancing, the closing costs could be included in your principal.

Paying higher points and fees on your loan will result in lower mortgage rates. For example, at 7% you may have zero points and fees, while at 6% you may have points and fees of $3000. To get the best mortgage rates, you must estimate how long you will have the mortgage. Also, make sure you are comparing current mortgage rates when doing your comparison.


Home Mortgage Refinancing

Refinance Your Home Today – What it can do for you...

Completing a Mortgage Refinance can be a smart way to improve for your financial situation. Depending on your circumstances you may want to undergo mortgage refinancing for any of the following reasons:

Mortgage Refinance To Lower Your Mortgage Rate & Payment

Even a small reduction in your mortgage rate can have a significant impact in the long-run. Refinancing to lower your monthly payment frees up cash flow, so you can utilize your money more effectively. Furthermore, if you plan to stay in your home for a long time, you may want to mortgage refinance and consider buying down your rate to reduce your monthly payment. If you have equity in your home, home loan refinancing could enable you to lower your mortgage payment significantly.

Mortgage Refinance To Consolidate Debt

If you have debt outside of your mortgage and you have equity in your home, it’s time to refinance your home loan. You are likely paying a much higher interest rate on credit cards and auto loans, and by mortgage refinancing you could roll all of these debts into one tax deductible loan. Credit card interest rates can be as high as 25%. Refinancing your home to pay off and consolidate debt under one low mortgage rate is a smart maneuver. A well structured home refinance could save you a great deal of money.

Mortgage Refinance To Get Cash Out Of Your Home

Completing a mortgage refinance can get you cash out of your home for a variety of purposes, including education expenses, vacations, other investments, home improvements and more. Mortgage refinancing is a much better option than using credit cards or personal loans.

Mortgage Refinance To Pay off Your Home Loan Faster

A mortgage refinance can be structured to pay off your home quicker. Instead of refinancing into a typical 30 year mortgage, you could get a 20, 15, or even 10 year fixed so you pay it off quicker. Also, many home refinance loans give you the option of paying more on your principal every month so you can pay down your home loan fast as well. Refinancing allows you to move into any type of mortgage loan.

Mortgage Refinance To Move To A Fixed Rate From An ARM

Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs) are great when mortgage rates are low. However, as rates increase that ARM quickly becomes a significant burden. That’s when it is time to consider mortgage refinancing into a fixed rate loan. Especially if you plan on staying in your home for a few years, a refinancing your mortgage makes a great deal of sense. Refinancing into a stable fixed rate may give you peace of mind. More on fixed rate mortgages.

Mortgage Refinance To Eliminate Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)

If you were unable to make a down payment of at least 20% when you first obtained your mortgage loan, you may be paying PMI. If your house has appreciated and/or you have paid down your existing mortgage, you may be able to mortgage refinance your home to eliminate your monthly PMI payment. Along with possibly lowering your rate, a mortgage refinance could reduce your monthly mortgage payment considerably.

Loan Product availability subject to loan amount. Until you lock your rate, A.P.R. and terms subject to change, including rates, points, rebates and fees. Rates and APRs may vary depending on loan details, such as points, loan amount, loan-to-value, your credit, property type, and occupancy. ARM rates subject to increase during loan term. Rates and APRs assume that an escrow account is set up for payment of property taxes, hazard insurance, and mortgage insurance if applicable. This is not an advertisement for credit as defined by paragraph 226.24 of regulation Z.

SureFee is subject to change in the event parameters of the loan change from those presented at the time of application and loan closing, such as but not limited to, a change in the: loan amount, appraised property value, credit score of applicant or type of property.

An additional fee may be added to the Appraisal fee shown above in the event appraiser must make two or more trips to property to complete appraisal process. A second trip is typically needed when construction or renovation of property is not complete at the time the appraiser initially appraises property.

Third party fees guaranteed only if Amerisave's preferred providers are used.

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